Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fabulous Friday

We decided to start our weekend fun a little early and headed to the Children's Museum (again), this time with my mom.  It was a good move to be the first ones in... it got crowded and crazy fast!

Hundreds of Robbies?!  Yes, please!

Ellie finds a soft corner for little ones just her size.

Enamored with her own reflection (a new concept, when it is beneath her!). 

Why do I love this hat so much?

Robbie joins Ellie in the mirror tunnel and we made our own baby kaleidoscope.

The boy loooooves his water.

He figured out that if he put his finger in the center of the spout, it would shoot water across the table directly into Ellie's stroller.  (Are these things innate in older siblings?)

Check out that concentration...

Trying to fly (?) in the wind tunnel!

Another great DCM trip, and certainly not our last!
(*Thanks, mom!)

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Jennifer said...

How fun! What a great place to just PLAY!!!