Monday, March 8, 2010

It's good to be almost 2

Robbie cracks us up with all of the phrases he is picking up and repeating.  
Here are a few of the things he has said recently...

"I like 'em BIG... I like 'em CHUNKY!" (Moto Moto's song in Madagascar)

"No fight a bib, Ellie"  (repeating my request when Ellie wouldn't let me bib her at lunch, 'don't fight the bib, Ellie'!)

"Daddy pancake!"  (Rob and Robbie's newest game - Rob flattens Robbie underneath him like a pancake  - ha!)

"Lick it..."  (Robbie enjoys leaning down and licking the food on his plate before meals, and announces when he is about to do it)

"Engine rumbling, smoke chuffing, wheels squeaking low" (his new favorite book checked out from the library - "Train" - he knows most of the words already)

"Daddy wrestle", "Daddy steamroller", "Daddy go gym" (requests and observations related to daddy)

"Daddy fix a potty, fix it tools" (our toilet had a little leak so Rob was repairing it yesterday as Robbie narrated the situation)

"Juice cup - FIND IT!" (now where did I leave that darn juice cup? I'm thirsty!)

"No paci table, counter" (before every meal he repeats the rule 'no paci's at the table' and places it on the counter)

"Catch him, grandpa"  (apparently my mom and dad were playing chase with Robbie the last time they came over and watched him, because Robbie keeps telling me about catching grandpa)

Also helpful is Robbie's newfound ability to climb up into his booster chair and buckle himself in.  He helps me wipe off his hands and mouth (careful not to forget to wipe his messy tongue, of course) after meals, and rarely passes up the opportunity to help me wipe Ellie during diaper changes.  What a good big brother! 

And that's what Robbie is up to right now!


Jennifer said...

That is so much fun! Robbie is growing up so fast! I love how everyday is a new experience with toddlers. They're always saying and doing new things -- so much fun!

designHER Momma said...

I LOVE toddlers! I love with all my heart when they say silly, inappropriate and down right funny things. It's a breath of fresh air.