Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sickie and Cutie

Well I am way behind in keeping this blog up to date.  I have Ellie's 9 month post, Robbie's 2 year post, and a weekend up in Wisconsin with dear friends to talk about!

But first, we are just trying to get this little guy healthy again.  He threw up in the food court at the mall yesterday (very high up on my list of things that used to scare me at the thought of happening - turns out, you live through it.).  And twice since.  I suppose we had a 'first' last night together, in that I made a bed on the floor of our bedroom out of blankets, sheets, and mainly towels for the two of us!  Not as fun as it sounds... By the way, how do you get the stomach flu twice in less than 8 months?  We thought the chances of it were low, but here we are.  I'm convinced that he picked it up the day before at the pediatrician (adding irony to the term 'well visit').

In other news, this little girl is as cute and charming as ever.
I think I am in love with her bed head!

With hair like that, how can you be bummed about anything!?

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