Thursday, March 4, 2010

Terms of endearment

Robbie's favorite movie right now is "Monsters, Inc".  It plays in our van on repeat.  Dare I admit that he knows many of the cues and will recite lines and scream along with the monsters throughout the film!?

He caught on to the pet names Mike Wazowski and his girlfriend Celia have for each other.

And this morning at breakfast, our little conversation went something like this:

Robbie:  "Monsters!  Googlybear!  Schmoopsie-poo!"
Me:  "Yes, Celia calls Mike Wazowski 'Googlybear', and he calls her 'Schmoopsie-poo, right?!"
Robbie:  "Uh-huh" {nodding yes}


Robbie:  "Mommy talk Robbie - Googlybear!"
{He often says 'talk' when he means 'say'}
Me:  "Oh, Googlybear!" {just the way she says it in the movie}
Robbie:  "Mommie Schmoopsie-poo!"

::pause as I put together what he means, and make a guess::

Me:  "You want me to call you Googlybear!?"
Robbie:  "Yeah, ok!"  {nodding yes, smiling shyly}
Me:  "And what do you want to call Mommy?"  {testing out my suspicion}
Robbie:  "Schmoopsie-poo!"  {with a huge grin}

Seriously!  This happened.  We have been calling each other by our new pet names all day.

And a good day it has been.




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The Larsons said...

Just darling! I love that boy!

Rachel said...

awwww, that is tooo sweet!!!