Sunday, March 7, 2010

Relatively speaking

It was a balmy Saturday afternoon out here in the Chicago suburbs!  Meaning, the sun was shining, the wind was nonexistent, and the temps rose to heights we haven't seen in months... the mid-40's.

So we bundled up the babies, went for a walk, and ended up at the neighborhood park.  After a quick assessment (let's be honest, once Robbie laid eyes on the park we didn't have a chance), we determined that it wasn't too soggy or wet to play.

If Robbie and Ellie could caption this photo, what do you think they would say?

Robbie is going to LOVE parks this summer.  He loved them last summer, and he wasn't even the most confident walker.  Now he can run, climb and slide by himself.  I can't wait!  Endless hours of entertainment.

It's confirmed: his affection for the swings remains.

Ellie got to experience her first swing ride, just as Robbie did when he was little - bundled up, and at the same park.  I love that they both love to swing.  Ellie's still a bit tiny for the swing, so I wrapped her blanket around her waist to help keep her from slip sliding around in there!

I like to call this one "I have 2 kids in baby swings!"

This little girl loves life!  And I love her.

Rob, take a picture of me and Ellie!  I never get pictures with her...

Awww... my handsome boys in the sunshine.

Robbie insisted on walking home.  He made it another 50 feet or so before melting down and returning to the stroller!  I love how little he looks next to Rob.  One day I'll be taking a picture of the 2 of them walking and he'll be as tall as Rob (or taller!?).  And I might cry.

I'm so glad these are the days of little babies and swings and parks.
Life is so simple... relatively speaking, of course!

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Jennifer said...

What fun pictures, Ash! So glad it was a nice day and that you got to spend some time outside. What wonderful family time at the park!