Thursday, May 27, 2010

The gang's all here!

Last weekend the stars aligned: vacation time lined up with an empty weekend which also happened to find 6 adults and 6 children under 2 1/2 years of age all healthy! So the Larsons, Bellitos and Livingstons got together for the 'Summer of 2010 BBQ'.

The cast of characters (and I DO mean characters!):

The ever-adorable Bellito twins: Ryan and Luke.
Don't get any ideas. Between Charlotte and Ellie, these two men are spoken for!

Mama Larson (Becky), who is the best at remembering to document all aspects of our get togethers!

Mama Bellito (Becki), who makes mothering twin boys look easy and fashionable!

Sweet Joey Larson (our godson)

Darling Charlotte Larson, with personality to spare as she winks for the camera!

And the dads... Matt Bellito, Dr. Jeff Larson, and Rob.
I love this picture: the picnic table that would have, in years past, held more bottles of Miller Lite and soda is now piled high with wipes and bottles of water. You really can't find better dads than these guys.

We were so thankful for a beautiful day to be outside, and also for a fenced in backyard as several kids tried to escape the madness. ;)

Charlotte graciously gave up her afternoon nap to spend the day with us, but needed a little quiet time with her milk and blankie to make it through. Robbie snuck in to join her (never one to be without his partner in crime for too long), and demanded that I give him a matching cup of milk.

The kids table!
Next summer it will be quite full, with the addition of the twins and potentially Ellie and Joey. Note to self: get another kids table or stop having babies. You know the latter isn't going to happen...

The sand and sand (supposed to be water!) table was a perfect gathering place and fun for all ages.

You can't get enough of these two, can you!? Neither can we!
Sadly, Ryan (I think it was?) came down with the flu before the day was over. We had no idea he was feeling sick - they are such happy boys!

I have to mention that both Becki and Matt left our house covered in vomit. Seriously, they get the parenting award for the year, decade, some huge amount of time. They are such calm, easy going parents, and it totally put me to shame. I love that we can watch one another parent and continue to learn from each other as friends. I'm so thankful for their example.

Ellie had been anxious to spend some quality time with Joey, and showed me a side of her I haven't seen! She was very gentle and affectionate towards him, giving him loving pats on the back (as if she were so much older than him... 5 months, ha!), and was very interested in sitting next to him and posing for pictures.

We are so thankful for friends that are like family, and who are willing to travel across the miles with babies in order to get together!

How else would we get all these future wedding slide show pictures of the kids while they're young?!

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