Thursday, May 27, 2010

The silence is broken

Wow, that was entirely too long of a blogging gap. (10 days... gasp!)

Are you still with me!?

Robbie is glad you are a faithful reader, and wanted to tell you that summer might just be his favorite season of the year! I filled up the pool (It's more like a bathtub this year with how big he has gotten!) and he invited his buddy Riley over to break it in.

We gathered up all the squirt toys we had and brought them outside with us.

Robbie's noggin doubles as a train track!

What a lover. He wanted to hold Riley's hand in the pool!
Should I be worried!?

Oh, to be little and oblivious to humidity. :) I needed a momma-sized pool to soak in that afternoon!

Welcome back, summer. We've missed you!

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