Friday, May 7, 2010

Little things

I caught Robbie licking the door handle one morning this week as he was watching TV.
I call it "2 year old multitasking".

I think he was proud that he could reach the handle with his mouth.

After I put him down for his nap, I picked up the family room and found this little scene at the kitchen...

Upon closer inspection, it seems the train wasn't quite cooked through to his liking.

And Cheerios are always better with mustard.

Food for thought: if you buy your child a pretend kitchen, you will inevitably find yourself cleaning up 2 kitchens each day. Did not see that coming. (I must have been sleep deprived.)


J. said...

Your food for thought is funny...but perhaps the reason that I'm not good at keeping my own kitchen clean is that I spend my time cleaning Someone Else's kitchen.

designHER Momma said...

right now Birdie is into baby dolls...which means that in addition to Gage's diapers and clothes changes, I'm doing double time with the pretend babies!

Jennifer said...

Cute! Thank you for the insight on the pretend kitchen. I will think twice before entering in to a purchase like that! :)

noahpaul said...

I know! seriously! all those little pieces end up everywhere! didn't see that one coming either=)

Nicki said...

Even worse is when they try to put real food in it! When Little Bear was two or three she had a play kitchen, and she poured pop in the fake sink! What a mess!