Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Ellie's precious!" -Robbie

My big girl, taking her first bath in the kitchen sink. Just before she outgrew it.

She had woken up from her nap while we were enjoying a father's day cake, and I let her have a tiny slice to prepare her for her big day this upcoming week. It was her first cake experience. She. Loved. It. She got mad at me when the cake was gone and I wasn't filling her plate with another slice. She squeezed her tiny fist around the icing and watched it spurt out between her fingers, just like Robbie did at his first birthday (one of those only-a-mom-would-remember-that details). And she was a mess.

I was so pleased with her today. She spent her first morning in the church nursery, from the start of the service to the very end. It might have been the first time Rob and I have sat together in church by ourselves since her birth. It was so great.

But after even an hour away from this sweet girl I was ready to have her back.
I'm a sucker for my babies like that.

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