Wednesday, June 9, 2010

May I now direct your attention... an incredible blog post that was written by TU Professor Dr. Jim Spiegel? It's about an atheist who had a near death experience, and came out on the other side both alive and living for Christ.

I just don't have words. I read this post last week, along with every link to atheist Howard Storm's account of his near death experience. And then I went out and bought his book, and somewhere around page 90 discovered that my uncle was one of the physicians that treated him in the US, post near death experience, but during the time Howard was visited by angels.

The whole story is amazing. It has brought about many thoughtful conversations regarding God's love and righteousness, eternity, and the very real presence of spiritual beings we cannot see (both angels and demons).

Can I encourage you to read this account with discernment? It is, of course, one man's account. It is not scripture, and as Rob and I have thought about it, we have decided that the information given needs to be tested by both God's Word and His Spirit (as all things should be). But that is not to say that it isn't powerful - it has certainly encouraged, enlightened, and challenged me personally. It awakened a new sense of urgency in the way that I live for Christ, as well as the frequency and content of my prayer. It has also reminded me of the depth of God's love at a time in my life that I have been tempted to fall back into the routine of 'doing' for God out of obligation rather than living out of a place of love and wanting to simply bless and delight Him in response to what He has done for me.

I just wanted to share it with you, on the off-chance that it would minister to you as well.

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Parker said...

I love how unexpectedly God works. This is an amazing story. You should check out "edge of eternity" by Randy Alcorn if you haven't already read it. It will stir up your faith, definitely a good book.