Friday, June 4, 2010

Look out!

We flew right past the 10 month milestone (in the spirit of fairness, of course, since we missed Robbie's 10 month picture op as well... yeah, that's it...).

And this little girl is 11 months old!

Sweet Ellie, you are such a darling little girl.

We cannot believe how much we love you, and how it is possible to love two little children as much as your daddy and I love you and your brother.

You have been busy this month! You have 5 teeth and the 6th is already dropping down (4 on top, 2 on bottom). You crawl like crazy, pull up on furniture, and babble whenever Robbie isn't taking up all the airspace. During this little photo shoot, you grabbed for my camera and I shook my head and solemnly said "no-no...". You stopped what you were doing, shook your own head back and forth and babbled "nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh!". You completely understand 'no'!

You love to see your reflection, and whenever you catch sight of a bow in your hair you reach to pull it out, always followed by an attempt to put it right back in.

You are very easy going and go with the flow, and continue to be happiest when you are close to Robbie (even when he tests the durability of his toys against your precious head). You are a tough little girl. You continue to take in your surroundings before jumping in, and constantly assess your proximity to me and grow concerned if I seem to be too far away. But you are full of joy and life and you bring so much love to our home and family!

I am happiest when you and Robbie are happy. These are wonderful days.

You remain true to some of the initial preferences we thought we saw when you were a newborn. You hate a soiled diaper, and will even wake from a deep sleep to be changed. You do not like the end of meal time, even if you are full, and always protest for a few moments before realizing that your belly is not only full but pushing against the high chair tray!

You are in size 12 month clothes, but have little feet and your size 2 / 6-12 month shoes are still a perfect fit. You have tiny ankles and dainty feet, and they could not be more different from your brother's! Your hair has been growing fast in the last few months, and hangs over your eyebrows if I don't sweep it to the side. You recently moved to size 4 diapers. You crack me up with your adorable little belly - you resemble your Aunt Kelsey in many ways physically, but the two that really stick out in my mind are your cute belly and finger-toes!

We continue to pray for you, that you would know the love of your Heavenly Father and respond to him at an early age. I pray for a tender, compassionate heart for you, and a quick willingness to have a servant's heart as you grow older.

I pray that your life is a blessing to others, and that it delights the Lord.

Ellie, you are so dear to my heart.

I cannot wait to watch even more of your personality unfold in the coming months. You are a beautiful creation, inside and out!

We love you, Ellie! What a wonderful 11 months this has been.


Jennifer said...

Ellie, you are SO precious! I love you so much even though we haven't met yet. Your bright blue eyes and smile are a ray of sunshine on even the gloomiest days. I can't wait to see you grow even more! Love you!

Parker said...

so precious. I cant believe she is 11 months old. i love how you put it "when your brother tests the durability of his toys against your head" so funny and so true! :)_

designHER Momma said...

Your pictures are fantastic! Gage is right behind Ellie - almost 7 months!

Ben and Erin said...

These pictures are just adorable. What a beautiful little girl you and have and what a wonderful Mommy you are...I love this post. So sweet. It's fun to read all the things Ellie is doing, which is so similar to Landon.