Monday, June 21, 2010

{you may not care}

I just uploaded all of the pictures I've ever taken on a phone, and it was fun to go back over the last 2 years and think about how far we've come... here's a sampling of what I rediscovered in my cell archives, which end up mostly being tiny moments of our everyday lives that I am so glad I captured.


{this guy loved his babas}

{one of many bagels consumed during Target shopping trips}

{trying to stand up in the buckle}

{first week home with Ellie. after a midnight feeding she was wide awake so we hung out. in the dark.}

{my handsome little guy last summer, a favorite picture of all time}

{somebody woke up on the right side of the bed that morning! even the hair is cute!}

{quiet moments together after waking from a nap}

{mommy photographer's shadow, alternatively titled 'i wish i were this tall'}

{tom's donuts at snow lake at a very early morning hour}

{laughing with my girl}

{exploring with mima around the lake house}

{little lovelies}

{best reason ever to get out of bed in the morning}

{manners. double fail.}

{have i mentioned that my husband is devastatingly handsome? and the best father. killer combo.}

{summertime = baby girls in bubble suits}

{roadtrip catnap, looking pretty while she snoozes}

{rocking the denim jacket}

{discovering his shorts have pockets}

{two babies in a pink bubble bath}

{we'll say, missing daddy a lot that morning. and the girl does NOT have an ugly cry in her!}

{sneaking into our bed for a little quality time, no doubt during a thunderstorm}

{after a few minutes of standing the little legs started to give out}

{saying cheese for the camera. we eat a lot of bagels while we shop.}

{and today... the first day of summer. i lopped off my locks.}


the deKorne family said...

such great pictures!!! i love them!! especially standing up in the buckle. hilarious! your hair is cute. reminds me of...oh, mine. yeah for blonde bobs! (well, mine is mostly blonde. and should be. but you know.)

Jennifer said...

so fun -- all of them! :)