Monday, May 19, 2008

9 weeks!

Robbie had his 2 month checkup at the pediatrician on Friday. Here are his stats:

He weighs 11 lbs 9 oz, which is a 4 lb gain since birth.
He is 24 inches long, a 2 inch gain since birth.
His head circumference is 16 1/8, up 2 1/8 inches since birth.

He's growing and putting on weight well, and there were no concerns! We continue to thank the Lord for Robbie and for his health (which we do not take for granted). He had his first round of vaccinations at that appointment, and of course wasn't happy about it. We headed to grandma and grandpa's house for some TLC...

"Grandma, they poked me 4 times with long needles!"

"If I just rest my head on your shoulder, I'll feel better..."

It's tough being a little guy.

His newest trick is to show off his strong neck by holding his head up (somewhat - still a bit wobbly!). Thanks to many hours of practice with Grandpa Jack, Robbie knows that if he is laying in your lap, facing you, and you grab his hands... it's time to try and sit up! He pulls on his own now and tries to sit up by lifting his head up, and if we pull him up by the hands, he sits up and looks around. It's so cute, he is so proud and will start making these excited faces and try to talk while upright. I will try to get a few pictures of this to post.

Aside from that, everything is pretty much status quo. We try to get out of the house every day - either to the mall, or grandma and grandpa's house, or just for a walk around the neighborhood. Robbie loves being outside, and sometimes on the weekends I will feed him a bottle on the porch or deck - especially fun when dad is outside working in the yard!

We just set up our new computer, so I will try to post a video on our blog soon. Stay tuned!

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