Monday, May 19, 2008

This is my life...

...and I love it!
A day in the life of Robert Jack Livingston:

I call this success - although he's sleeping in a pile of blankets on the couch right next to me, he's ON HIS BACK! (Which is a battle... the transition into the crib is not going well because of it!)
For those of you on SIDS patrol, don't worry - this is not a regular occurence, and I did not leave him unattended!

Today was unseasonably cool (around 60 degrees... brrr!), so I took the opportunity to dress my poor little baby boy in the bear outfit I got at Baby Gap before he was born. I was just about to give up hope that he would ever wear it, since it's been too big for him all this time. But today it was chilly, and he's been packing on the pounds lately, and it just sort of all worked out! (Sorry buddy.)
Still being a trouper and humoring his mom, but starting to get a little antsy...

And just when I was trying to get the last shot of his 'paws', he started to cry. Oops, I just broke the promise I made last week about not taking his picture while he's crying for me. But again, what an adorable crying-picture! With the flailing foot and everything...

All he wanted was milk... so I gave it to him, and he was happy again! So I resumed my picture taking.

Lately he's been 'tracking' - following us as we move around him, especially when I have our digital or video camera out!

Sleeping bear. :)

Man is he going to be feisty-hungry when he wakes up - I just took this picture 1/2 hour ago, and he's still sleeping. He's been asleep since 5:30pm, almost 4 hours! (Maybe I'll take a picture...)

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Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

Ahhhh!!! There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping little baby! I love all the information you put up--so fun to read how much the little guy is growing!