Friday, May 23, 2008


So you will understand why I don't have any pictures to go along with this post...

But Robbie has been sleeping in his crib for the last 3 nights and we are thrilled!  I've established a nice little bedtime routine that seems to do the trick for him.  He gets a bath around 8:30 or 9pm, I give him a little baby massage with lotion on his arms, legs and tummy and talk softly to him, then we get his jammies on and feed him.  He usually drops off to sleep around 9:30pm, at which point I put him in his crib and leave the room.  Sometimes he wakes up and I have to go back in right away and shush him and help him hold his arms still (his nervous system seems to still make him jump in his sleep which wakes him up), but then he is out!  He wakes up around 2am to eat, and then sleeps again until 5:30am.  He eats again at that point, and sleeps until 8 or 9am again.  

Needless to say, I am feeling much more rested now that I am getting larger chunks of sleep at night!  Along with this new development of sleeping through the night in his crib, I've discovered in the last few days that he wants/needs a morning or afternoon nap.  Today he fell asleep for his nap at 10am and is still sleeping now (it's 12:30pm).  Yesterday he slept from 2pm until 5:30pm (but also slept in his baby bjorn while I grocery shopped from noon to 1pm!).

This napping is SO helpful to me, since I'm able to actually get some things done during the day.  This week I have been able to clean out my kitchen cabinets, clean out my parenting magazine collection, and do laundry from start to finish - and I've had some wonderful help from my mom and sister too. :)

Robbie must know that I am loving his new tricks, and doesn't want me to raise my expectations of him too much, because he had 2 major blowout diapers yesterday.  The watermark was up around his shoulders somewhere, and I actually considered just throwing away the jammies he was in at the time (it was that gross!).  But I didn't, and 15 wet wipes and a bath later, we had him cleaned up.

Today Rob's parents and one of his brothers (Brad) and his wife (Christine) are flying in for the weekend.  We are so excited because Brad and Christine have not met Robbie yet!  And the only time Rob's parents saw Robbie was literally minutes after his surgery, when they came to visit for a day.  He has changed so much since then, and is just so much fun and really at a sweet age.  So this weekend will be great, and the weather is supposed to be nice too! (Finally.)

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Ryan and Kristin Zeeb said...

Oh, good luck on establishing his little schedule! It's so great for EVERYONE when they finally fall into a good routine and everyone gets a little more sleep! Sounds like you're on the right track! Alexa was a piece of cake for me...JD was my difficult one...he's still a light sleeper, but at least he's finally through the night, etc....good luck!