Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Robbie is 7 weeks old!

Robbie turned 7 weeks old this past Saturday! He is starting to put on some weight, and is MUCH more active these days.
He is awake for most of the daytime, from about 11am-9pm, with a few cat naps (read: 15-20 minutes tops) throughout the day, and usually one good nap (read: 2-3 hours). He is probably what you would consider a good night-time sleeper, since he sleeps from 9pm or 10pm until 8am-ish and only wakes to feed. However, he does wake up to eat at midnight, 2:30am, and 6:30am regularly. So mom is still waiting for that nice 5 or 6 hour chunk of sleep during the night!

Stretching out after a diaper change - you may not notice a change, but we see those skinny little legs starting to fill out!
We think he's around 10 lbs now, but haven't seen the pediatrician for an exact measurement recently.

Aunt Megan spending some quality time with Robbie - as you can see, he loves her.

Turn the lights off, I'm trying to sleep!

Talking to Dad after a long day!

Stretching out and playing before bed.

Rob is really good at getting Robbie to sleep in the evenings.

(ps. how fun is the scooter blanket?!)

I don't remember when this happened, but when it did, it melted my heart! Like father, like son.

Dad and his buddy.

We also visited Rob's office yesterday - my friend Kris and her son Jack (14 months old) hopped in the car with Robbie and I, and we drove into the city! You should have seen us, I'm sure people were staring - between Kris being 8+ months pregnant and hauling around a 1 year old, and me with my huge stroller and exploding diaper bag, trekking down Madison Avenue and into the Citybank building to Performance Trust... I'm sure it's not everyday this happens in the Loop! But we actually enjoyed the trip and did quite well, and the boys never melted down. I guess our only blunder was when I temporarily stopped using my brain, as we were getting the boys out of the car and into their strollers, and I misplaced (dropped?) our parking garage ticket. We turned our diaperbags, strollers and the car inside out, and never found it, which meant I had to pay an unmentionable amount of money (what they like to call the 'lost ticket fee' but I think it should be renamed to 'highway robbery') to get out of the garage.

That's all we've been up to for now! (That, and yard work, but I don't think you would find Rob's new gas powered weed trimmer nearly as exciting as he does. So no pictures of that.)


the deKorne family said...

Oh I could eat him up!!! SO precious! The 5 hours in a row is coming, I promise. And then, 13 hours in a row. I have entered heaven for a short few months. Then back to square 1!! :) Glad you are doing so well!

the deKorne family said...

ps...aren't the gymboree blankets the best?!