Thursday, October 15, 2009


Rob had Columbus Day off last week, so I wanted us to all do something special.  I had decided that we'd go to 2Toots in Glen Ellyn, a little diner type of restaurant that delivers your food to your table via toy train!  It's so fun and Robbie LOVES all things train right now.  Although we generally avoid restaurants right now for a number of reasons, he does pretty well here.

Well, the best-laid plans, right?  We got there and the place was packed.  I forgot that school would be out.  So we drove across town and hoped that the Downers Grove location would be less busy.  Success!

"I'm so excited to be here!"

The train was going past our table at this moment...

"It was right there!  I saw it!"

Daddy and Robbie, enjoying the fine fare of 2Toots (ha!).  
Can you spot Ellie?!

The train running along the counter... it's really very cute.


The Larsons said...

Robbie's face is pricless! The simple things that bring such an expression to our children's face...gotta love them. What a sweet dining experience. Maybe this will be the scene of Robbie and Charlotte's first date? Charlotte can say a mean, "Cho-Choo!"

Christine said...

I absolutely LOVE Robbie's face in the second picture!! He is too cute! Can't wait to see you guys!