Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I miss my babies while they sleep...

Do you blame me?

Robbie has become very aware of the fact that he is a big brother lately...
And I can't stop taking pictures!

"Dad, I've got her.  I know, I know - be gentle and don't poke her eyes out.  I'm one step ahead of you - I'm already protecting her from the boys who think she's cute and want to date her."

Redirecting the head-pats to the less fragile belly region.

"Mom?!  What's happening?"

If this doesn't make you laugh, you don't have a pulse.

Either a little traumatized or contemplating her brother's newfound love of her...

Oh these two... how can they both be so little!?

The bumbo envy was bound to happen.

And then tonight, after Robbie's bath and just before Ellie's...

...both kids were laying on the floor, facing away from each other.  Not interacting.  
Apparently, they wanted to know what was going on with the other, and both craned their necks to check each other out!

I think the sibling bond is starting to form.
And the meaning of parenthood has just plummeted to new, sweet depths.

Hey there, sweet girl! 

"Mom... I'm getting cold..."

And this, just because I love my husband and thought this was the sweetest picture.
Covered in bath water, wrestling pj's on a very squirmy 1 1/2 yr old... and in the background, the baskets upon baskets of baby laundry he washed and folded yesterday while I was sick and he was taking care of both kids.

Seriously!?  I miss all 3 of them when they sleep.  I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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Becki said...

What a sweet post, Ash. Your kiddos are adorable, and it is so neat to see Robbie acting like the big brother. I am loving the song playing on your playlist right now too...Divine Romance.