Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sonny Acres

This morning we went to Sonny Acres to pick out our pumpkins!  It was 30 degrees when we all first woke up, and 50 by the time we walked out the door.  Brrr.  We stayed just long enough to get our family-of-4 pumpkins (and the 4 white pumpkins that I want to get crafty with!), but will have to go back again to really enjoy everything there is to do.  Ellie slept the whole time and I never really got a great shot of Robbie.  And it's not fall until you have a picture of your babies together in the pumpkins.

I did, however, capture Robbie's face as he 'helped' daddy with the wagon.  Pumpkins are heavy, you know... even for a daddy.


Jennifer said...

I had a feeling your fun Saturday adventure this weekend was going to be a trip to Sonny Acres. How fun!!! I love ALL of the pictures -- Robbie is such a cutie! Wish we could have joined you -- I don't know if I could handle the 30/50 degree weather though. My body has become accustomed to 90 degree weather (of which I'm getting a little tired of to tell you the truth -- it is OCTOBER after all!) - it might go into shock if returned to Chicago fall/winter weather!

Anyway...Eat a caramel apple for me!!! :)

The Larsons said...

We are like one family! We did the same thing yesterday. :) The cold weather sped up our time as well,and we never got a great pic either. It appears that the cold weather keeps my little girl from smiling...buck up young one - you live in WI. :) Didn't you just love picking out four pumpkins this year for the family?!