Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tutu much?...

While Robbie napped this morning, Ellie and I got to spend some time together.  
Just us girls.

Oops... where did that tutu come from?
You can't work a tutu without a pretty headband.

Practicing her pique!

Sweet as candy.


the howards said...

your kids are beautiful. they really are. and such BIG BEAUTIFUL blue eyes. yes...ellie's in trouble. Or shall I say the boys are in trouble with her daddy when they start chasing her. (= We still need to find a time to get together... hope you're all feeling better!

Kristi K said...

beautiful pictures! will you be at homecoming? we will be there, staying in sammy morris with the moser family. would love to see you.

mrs. bland said...

Ellie is ADORABLE!!! I'm loving the cute tutu outfit! Looks like things are falling into routine for you guys finally and YEAH for brother sister bonding!! Doesn't it just melt your heart?!! Such a fun stage for both kiddos... each day gets even better, too. :) Great posts!