Friday, October 16, 2009

I can't remember...

...what it feels like to have a flat stomach, or sleep in on the weekend. soothing a hot shower can be when it's not rushed.
...the last time I had more than an hour to myself to read without fighting exhaustion. favorite radio station (Praise Baby is on repeat!). great a home can smell that doesn't have poopy diapers in the garbage cans.
...doing only one load of laundry a week.
...what I used to keep in the cabinet that is now crammed with sippys and bottles.
...what we did on the weekends before we had babies.

For all I can't remember, I have been blessed with new knowledge.

I know what it's like to carry the object(s) of your life's greatest joy for 9 months like a secret.
I know how deeply I am capable of loving and sacrificing without thinking of myself.
I know what it feels like to be hugged and clung to for most of the day.
I know that I'm the only one who is aware of and can smell  the spit up in my hair.
I know that I require a lot less uninterrupted sleep to function.
I know that being attractive is not as important as being used by God.
(I also know that on the days that a shower is elusive, dry shampoo is a great substitute!)
I know that I can get a lot more done in one hour of uninterrupted time than I used to.
I know that good health is a blessing and not a given.
I know what my priorities are and how to fight for them.
I know more about the nature of God's intimate knowledge of, and deep love for, me as his child - now that I have 2 of my own.
I know the subtle look on Robbie's face when he is about to do something he knows he shouldn't, when he doesn't feel well, how to make him laugh, his favorite lunch, and when he needs to be snuggled.
I know that Ellie prefers her thumb, when she is tired, that she hates a soiled diaper, loves to be kissed a thousand times all over her face every day, likes to fall asleep by herself, and when she is about to choke on her bottle.
I know that there is nothing they can do to keep me from loving them.  Ever.
I know that a husband who loves Jesus and 2 sweet babies are more blessing than I deserve to have been given, for a thousand different reasons.

For all I can't remember, I sure like what I know.


The Larsons said...

I love you, Ash. What a sweet and reflective reminder of all we have been given from above.

p.s. dry shampoo, eh?! do tell...

RyanLaurenAbby said...

Very sweet. Hope you guys are doing well!

noahpaul said...

I need to find out about this dry shampoo thing too=)