Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best weekend ever??!!....

Robbie and Ellie had a few tricks up their sleeves this weekend, and they wanted to wait until Daddy was home to show off.

Ellie slept 12 straight hours through the night (6:30pm-6:30am) without waking up once for a feeding!  I know.  I am super lucky.  I thank Enfamil.  

Robbie randomly stood up during his Friday evening bath and adamantly said "potty", and made us lift him out of the bath and sit him on his potty.  He usually just pees in the tub (multiple times per bath... too much information? If you have a little boy, I think not.  It's as common as breathing.)  So I was curious and a little excited to see what would happen.  He sat still for about 30 seconds, and then started to pee!  It took me by surprise and so the floor got a little wet until I could help him 'direct' the stream (I was not prepared to be doing this so soon!).  But needless to say, Rob and I both got crazy excited with him over his first potty-pee-pee, and I let him have a "treat" (one Reese's Pieces - ha!).

We have decided not to attempt to potty train him, even though he really seems ready, because we have a very long road trip in the car at Christmastime to NJ to see Rob's family.  We think it would be confusing, messy, etc. to be mid-training or newly-trained, only to strap him into diapers or pull-ups again while in the car and then expect him to know what to do with foreign potties at Grammy and Papa's house.

But it's nice to know that he's ready when we are!

For the rest of the weekend, we rested up and mainly stayed indoors.  Crummy weather.  Mommy got a little stir crazy on Saturday and built Robbie his first fort in the living room.  

He loved it, and pretended to drive Grandpa's boat under one of the chairs!  (He is really getting into make-believe now.)

"Mom, this fort is awesome!  I will hold still for .01 seconds while you take my picture in it."

Exploring or dangling... you decide.  We do a fair amount of both.

"Dear Mom: next time, please make my tent bigger... and taller!"

What is a weekend without Daddy mowing the yard, and Robbie straining the entire time to watch out the kitchen window?!  With teether in hand.  We're still popping the last of them through...

Just because I think it's funny... he is constantly slobbering/drooling/has milk dripping from his chin.  This time he decided to use his arm to wipe at his chin sludge.

We are currently wrapping up the perfect fall weekend by eating our favorite thin crust pizza from Jack Straw's and watching the Giants AND the Yankees games simultaneously.  It's Livingston-heaven.  :)

Did I mention that Saturday started out with a surprise Starbucks latte sitting on the kitchen table for me, along with donut holes for Robbie?!  We got spoiled by daddy!

In other news, I am finally becoming a real cook (defined by my husband as someone who cooks without recipes!).  He says anyone can follow a recipe, and he is right.  Not everyone can make up a dish from scratch.  Well, I got a little daring yesterday and attempted my own Beef Barley and Vegetable Soup.  It was enthusiastically received by my audience of one, who happens not to be very picky.  I thought it was decent, too - so maybe I'll post my recipe for you?  Any takers??


Rachel said...

i'd love to have the recipe! and I can't believe Ellie is 4 months old!!! :)

The Larsons said...

Post it, girl! I would love to make it for my hubby (also a man who is easy to please in the kitchen.)
Charlotte is screaming "Baby" at Ellie's picture as I write. She loves her.

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

Sounds like our weekend of staying home! Ellie is getting to be such a big girl! Hooray for sleeping through the night and peeing on the potty :)

Patricia said...

I hang on these pictures since I am out of town. So nice to go to the blog and see these 2 dolls!