Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas smackdown

Most evenings end with a big wrestling match on our bed after bath time. What's that? You try to wind down your kids with books and prayers before they go to bed? Well ours are little energizer bunnies and they start running in circles (literally) unless we let them get a little crazy. I always forget to capture our everyday activities, but they really are what I will remember about these days while Robbie and Ellie were little.

So tonight we pulled out the camera to capture the kids in their new Christmas pj's (special thanks to my Aunt Sherry who sent them to us this week!).

I noticed a few things as I posted these pictures tonight - Ellie's hair looks really red to me, and both kids seem so much older all of the sudden.

This is the best I could get of the two of them together... it's hopeless.

Clearly this is everyone's favorite part of the day.

This is a look she reserves especially for her daddy.

{He is her favorite.}

My favorite. Everything I love most, in one big heap!

Have I mentioned that she's never been much of a cuddler, and suddenly after her seizure/ER experience, this is all she wants to do when I pick her up!?
I love it.

I asked Robbie if he would sit by Ellie and let me take one picture to send to Aunt Sherry, so that she could see them in their pjs. He refused, and sat down right in front of me and demanded that I take only his picture. He wouldn't stop saying 'Cheese!' until I caved and took it, and then showed him the proof. He kills me. Also, earlier today I explained to him that mommy loves him when he's obedient as well as when he's disobedient. Don't we all need to hear that sometimes?

Love this one. If there is one image that can describe 80% of my day {everyday} right now, this is it.

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