Thursday, December 9, 2010

My favorite things (the Christmas-prego version)

Seriously, it is bodysnatchers over here.

I don't know where my old self has gone, but the new 23-weeks-pregnant one is a hungry, dry, clumsy, antisocial insomniac who cries in frustration one afternoon over 2- and 1-year-old behavior, and the next day is sad to leave the kids behind with a sitter so that Christmas shopping and a trip to the post office (and maybe a pedicure) can get accomplished. If it sounds crazy, just imagine what it is like to be the one LIVING it. Haha!

I broke three dishes last week - that makes my LIFE TOTAL 4... seriously I never break dishes! Rob thinks I'm trying to get a new set of dishes out of him, but really I am just. that. clumsy. right now. I fumbled a half empty cup of chai in the car this week as I tried to put it down in the cup holder, spilling it everywhere. I can't be trusted to hold anything of importance or of a fragile nature. Let's all hope and pray that this changes in, oh, 17 weeks or so.

Along with this new (temporary) version of myself, I have a fun new collection of favorite things to share with you. It's too bad I don't make a cent off of this blog, because I'm about to plug a lot of really great products that would have been nice to 'test' for free in exchange for some blog time! This is a family blog, people. I'm not selling out.

Burt's Bees. Is there any other chapstick? Even my kids love it. (I find their teeth marks in many of the tubes scattered around the house and van.)

L'Occitane hand cream. I love this store but their products are a splurge. I think this little tube was worth it.
MAC lustre drops. Keeps makeup from looking too dry and adds a little shimmer to cheekbones and browbones. Apparently it's a big seller in the summer but I like it year round.
Macadamia hair products. I just discovered this little line at Ulta when I was shopping with my coupon the other day. It's the only thing I've found so far that keeps my static-y winter hair from sticking out in weird places, and it's not oily like you would imagine it would be. Try the leave-in conditioner cream for starters, and get the travel size as it will last a while. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I am so lazy, I just realized that the image for Neutrogena's Body Cream in Butter Cream did not upload, but instead this body scrub did. And I am not going to go back and fix this because uploading a new image will put it way at the top of this blog post, and moving it down here will take more time than it's worth. So ignore what's written on this tub, and pretend that it's the Body Cream in Butter Cream, and go out and buy it at Target while it's still on sale and slather it on everywhere after your next shower. You'll thank me. My shins and belly get so itchy right now that I want to scratch until I've done damage. This is the only thing that soothes my skin and it lasts a full 12 hours! Miracle cream, I tell you.

Online shopping. Since you're already at your computer (or smart phone) reading this blog post, go ahead and open up a new browser window and finish off your Christmas shopping. It's the best thing that has ever happened to moms of many small children, especially this time of year. (Well, besides Toys R Us opening at 7am, I just discovered today!) I ordered gifts for others as well as the kids' Christmas clothes and pj's online this year and was happy to trade in hours at the mall for afternoons of playing and drinking hot chocolate with the Robbie and Ellie. If you find free shipping deals, you won't even pay extra for the convenience.

Getting the mail and receiving packages on my doorstep. I just love Christmas cards and save them from year to year, especially the ones with pictures. Is there anything more fun than looking back through the cards you've received in years past as you pull out the Christmas decorations at the beginning of December? Now you see why the idea of not sending a card out this year nearly did me in.

The Very First Noel dvd - it totally captures the attention of both kids at once (quick, make dinner!), in less than a week it taught Robbie "Joy To The World" and I don't feel guilty letting the kids watch it over and over. This is the message we want to emphasize with our kids at Christmas; plus you can only watch The Polar Express so many times before you want to staple that darn ticket to the little boy's forehead so that he doesn't keep losing it. That, and there is only so much Tom Hanks a girl can take. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I'm loathing the sound of Andy Griffith's voice, but for now I'm happy with the trade.

PG Tips black tea. Brew a cup in the evening and add a little milk and sugar. Sooo good. I crave a cup of this hot tea almost as much as I crave orange juice all day long right now. (Weird, right?)

Wallaby Organic Yogurt. I don't normally like yogurt, but I can't get enough of this kind. My favorite flavors are strawberry, blueberry and peach and the consistency is divine. It's worth the extra $.40 per cup, especially if it's the difference (for me) between eating a bowl of ice cream or a cup of this healthy stuff. It's especially filling with a little granola thrown in. Target sells it the cheapest, which is usually the case with all groceries!
The Wheaton Public Library. Sorry for those of you not in our immediate area, but I'm sure you have a great library close to your home too. I find that reading at the end of the day calms me and clears my mind much better than watching TV, and I've been tearing through books lately. Plus ours is so kid-friendly, unlike the one in a neighboring town (which will remain nameless). One of my friends' kids, who are very well behaved for their age I might add, was asked to be quiet during a visit to get books... while they were in the children's section! That cracks me up. We would have been kicked out of that library a thousand times if we lived in that town. Thank goodness for the WPL and its gracious, forgiving librarians.

Happy pampering / eating / drinking / slathering / shopping / movie watching / book loaning!

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kacey said...

Oh, Ashley, at 21 weeks preggo I relate all TOO WELL to this post. Especially the first half. Thanks for sharing your favorites. And it's so encouraging to know that I'm not the only one who goes from SO OVERCOME by joy to feeling DEFEATED because Fallon is beating me in a game of wills. Love it all :)