Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the (flu) season

I have started a list near the computer of all the things I need to blog about and am behind on... the free Lego train display we went to last week, our sugar cookie decorating, visiting Santa and sitting on his lap, getting together with good friends up north, and our little family's Christmas celebration this past Saturday morning.


The flu is in our house. And it is so unfortunate. Robbie came down with it after going to bed on Friday, but he didn't get sick very many times. All day Friday was spent with our good friends the Larsons and Bellitos, and there were plenty of snacks and sweets everywhere that could fill a little boy's belly and make him sick. Coupled with the fact that no one else had been sick or came down with the flu after our get together, we chalked it up to a day of bad eating and no nap for the little guy.

But last night sweet Ellie spent the hours of 12:30-4:30am getting sick repeatedly, so now we know. It was the flu.

There is nothing like sick laundry at 2am and pretty much no sleep (as well as snow that needs shoveling before work at 4am) to make for 2 tired parents.

The up side? The kids should be fine by the time we leave on our flight to NJ on Thursday.
The down side? Rob and I feel like ticking time bombs.

Isn't illness just inevitable when you have little ones? We have done so much in the last week to prevent getting into this situation the week of Christmas (and before we travel), and it just doesn't seem to matter!

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RyanLaurenAbby said...

Ashley! We just started today! So far just Abby... waiting for it to hit the rest of us and we are leaving on Thursday too!!! Praying for your family!