Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Goals for the remainder of this week:

1. Clean out the linen closets, which are more like face/hair/makeup product closets that are out of control, thanks to me.

2. Make sugar cookies with the kids like a good mommy at Christmastime. Get over the fact that it is going to make a colossal mess and embrace it.

3. Get the last 3 years worth of home movies off of our Sony Handycam (aka the devil's camcorder) and onto our Mac, as well as a back up copy on an external hard drive. May I please mention here that I've already spent hours attempting to complete this task and - who knew!? - the format that Handycams record in is not compatible with Macs. Even after purchasing updated software that supposedly helps with the recognition of files and the import process.

4. On the heels of #3, stop letting said camcorder situation make me angry. Even though MY DAUGHTER IS TAKING HER FIRST STEPS AND I CAN'T RECORD IT BECAUSE THE MEMORY ON THE CAMCORDER IS FULL AND I HAVE NO WAY OF CLEARING OFF OLD VIDEOS WITHOUT DELETING THEM FOREVER. That, and a little thing called Christmas is coming up that I'd love to remember years from now via video memories. ::sigh::

5. Put away unused Christmas decorations that are hanging out on the dining room table. While I'm at it, take down Ellie's birthday banner that hangs in the family room. Ha!

6. Make a packing list for our trip to NJ and stick to it when it comes time to fill suitcases.

7. Take the kids to sit on Santa's lap. I just love having those pictures to look back on, even though we're not emphasizing the big man as the reason for the season.

Isn't it always helpful to have a little accountability when it comes to getting things done? Hold me to my goals, blogosphere...


kacey said...

Alright, Ash, is the Happy Birthday sign down yet? (figured i'd start with holding you accountable to the easiest of the goals...) ;)

brianandcourt said...

Funny thing - I had to remove Mattie's birthday signage to put the holiday garland on my mantle. Her birthday was July 1. ;)

Hope your list is going well!