Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ultrasound pictures, and Sunday happenings

New images of our littlest love... whose gender will be a surprise this time!

In case ultrasounds are greek to you, I'll narrate:

Head is on the right (baby is looking up), big mass on the left is the body, if you look close you can see a decent profile.

Curled up with head on the right side of the picture and legs on the left, but face is hidden this time behind arms as the baby faces us.

Peek a boo! Head is on the right, baby is looking right at us. The odd shaped circle under the chin is a hand and the next large mass is the body.

These straight on shots of a baby's face in utero are always a little freaky.

The baby's head is on the left in this one, with hands above the face and legs on the right. The things that look like floating bubbles are the umbilical cord.

Perfect shot of both feet from the bottom.

Everything looked right on track as far as growth, and although there seemed (to me) to be less amniotic fluid I was assured there was plenty. There's just less space and more baby in there since the last ultrasound!

I'm feeling the baby move around a LOT lately, and even Robbie has been able to feel the baby kicking by laying his little hands on my belly! He was a little surprised when he felt the movement, even though I've been telling him for months that one day he'd feel the baby kick from inside of me. I love that he's able to understand to some small degree what is going on. He remains convinced that the baby will exit through my belly button, and that sounds like a harmless story to stick with for now.


Ellie is walking around our family room today like she owns the place. It's awesome to see her confidence grow in her own ability, and I hope it will mean that she won't want to crawl around the airport in two weeks when we fly to NJ!

Robbie just walked in with a big grin on his face and sunglasses on his eyes. I said, "Hey, you're a rockstar!" and he replied, "No mommy, I'm just a boy." Cute.

Enjoy your cold, snowy Sunday evening!

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brianandcourt said...

Love the new baby's new pictures!