Thursday, December 16, 2010

O happy day!

The sugar cookies were baked and decorated this morning... from start to finish, it took us 4 hours (double batch). Our kitchen is still recovering. Robbie had the time of his life icing his 3 cookies, then dumping half the container of sprinkles on them and shoving as much into his mouth as he could before I finally told him he could have one more bite and then we needed to stop. Pictures to come... they are hilarious!

The camera situation (and my related anger issue - ha!) is resolved for the time being. Although I have yet to rescue the 3 years worth of video that is being held hostage by the Sony Handycam, I received my Christmas present early and am now the proud owner of a Flip. So the pressure's off to get the Handycam issue resolved, and Christmas is saved as well as my sanity. My husband... what a guy! He is so good to me.

And the birthday banner is down. 6 months after her birthday. I am so on top of things.


Memorable moments from today:

- Coffee and donut run this morning, straight out of bed. An indulgent way to start the day, for sure.

- Ellie discovering that she has the ability to crawl up onto the kitchen table via the side chairs, and then falling off during her dismount. Don't worry, she's fine. Yet another reason I am surprisingly fond of linoleum - so forgiving and easy to clean.

- Robbie narrating his cookie decorating and consumption: "This cookie is crunchy and yummy! It's very good, indeed! May I have more sprinkles, please? This is a very good idea."

- Everyone sleeping in until 8am. We also may have stayed in our pj's all day today, but I can neither confirm nor deny such laziness.

- After putting the kids down for naps mid-cookie decorating session, I finished icing and decorating the dozens of cookies myself. Instead of turning on Christmas music while I worked, I decided to spend the quiet time reflecting on Jesus' birth, and what the implications would have been (and would be for me personally) had he never come to earth. I'd never really thought of things from this perspective, and wow... there is a new depth to my gratitude for God's love and sacrifice in sending his Son to earth, eventually to die. 30 Christmases and yet a brand new way of thinking about the most celebrated holiday of the year. I looked up in the middle of my pondering to see snow falling - not much, and not for very long. The quiet time, my thoughts, and the snow all felt like a gift.

- For about 10 minutes, the kids sat on the couch snuggled up close to each other under Christmas blankets watching Toy Story. It was ridiculously cute.

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