Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lego Train Display (Cantigny, Dec. 11)

We took in the free, short-lived Lego Train Display at Cantigny (which included so much more than trains - buildings, villages, Star Wars sets, etc.) and Robbie loved it. The trains were remote controlled and actually ran around the tracks along the outer edges of the tables! It helps to have a tall daddy who is willing to carry you around on his shoulders when you are shorter than the displays.

This picture of the Star Wars set up is for cousin Nicholas! ;)

We could have spent a very long time here...

Go ahead and judge my complete dorkiness... but I couldn't resist this sweater when I saw it and he loves it too! I thought it was appropriate for the occasion.

A little train that was giving rides... in the freezing rain. We passed on the opportunity, but Robbie enjoyed watching the grown-man-conductor squeeze himself into the front car and drive in circles. I hope they paid him well.

Not particularly amused, and ready for a nap.

Heading home.
One day years from now, I will line up all of the pictures I have of these two walking side by side holding hands, and it will make me cry!

It was a good day.

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