Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things you should know

Apparently, there are a few things that I've been missing out on. For way too long. Here are a few things you might want to know about...

- If you get a cold while pregnant, it is safe to take Robitussin DM (cough suppressant), Sudafed (nasal decongestant) and/or Benadryl (at night for sleep). How am I in the third trimester of my third pregnancy and JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS?! I am thrilled and annoyed all at once. And you can bet I got all self-medicated last night and slept through the night, and already feel better. Justlikethat.

- Most if not all cribs with a drop-down side rail are under recall right now. Some cribs, like our newer one, should be completely replaced. Just call the store where you bought the crib and they will tell you what to do or who to contact. For us, that means disassembling the old crib, sending a few parts back to the manufacturer, and then receiving a voucher in the mail (for the value of the old crib) good only towards the purchase of a new crib. Babies R Us lets you buy the new crib first, then bring the voucher back in later with your new crib purchase receipt for an adjustment so that you don't actually have to be without a crib for any amount of time.

- Old Navy Maternity makes the best. yoga. pants. ever. Sadly, I am highly inactive during my pregnancies and always feel a little guilty wearing work out clothing. As if I'm doing anything to raise my heart rate other than get excited for an occasional morning donut. But these pants? I just ordered them online with a gift card I got for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) and they are so wonderful. They are not too snug but have enough shape to wear out of the house, and the waist has a fold over panel that could probably be worn as a full panel but sits at just the right place below your belly when rolled down. Love.

- Earth Mama Body Butter is the best belly cream I've ever tried. It isn't greasy, has a light scent that is pleasant, and is so moisturizing that you really only need to apply it once a day. I found it at Whole Foods but I know this brand is sold in other stores as well (Babies R Us, etc.).

- Trader Joe's makes angel food cake. Did you know that? I didn't. I don't love TJ's like some people... I find a lot of what they sell to be bland and it's hard to justify shopping here very often even for the things I DO like that they sell, because I HAVE to supplement my grocery shopping with another trip to Target (where we get all of our groceries). But. The angel food cake they sell in the bakery section is worth making a special trip for in the slushy snow. And I don't even really like angel food cake. Last week I bought one out of curiosity, and after one bite I was hooked. As in, I ate the whole darn 6 inch cake in one sitting. Oops. I am not typically a devour-the-whole-thing kind of eater, but that poor angel food cake never knew what was coming. For $2.99 you won't be disappointed. Just don't clear out the inventory at the TJ's in Glen Ellyn or I'm coming for you.

- One of my favorite bloggers, Ann Voskamp, just released her book "One Thousand Gifts". I just ordered two copies - one for me, one to give to a dear friend. I can't wait for it to arrive, as everything Ann writes is so moving and spirit-filled. You can order a copy here.

- If you have a sweet tooth craving for Pez candy, I discovered that they sell large bags of the refills at Toys R Us. Don't laugh, this is my favorite thing right now. If only I could find a place to buy the Strawberry and Grape flavors by themselves...

Now you know. :)


The Larsons said...

I. heart. you.
Please remind me of those preggo tips the next time I am pregnant, as I'm sure I forget.


Jennifer said...

ooh...good to know. i had no idea about the crib recall. i checked but it doesn't seem like ours qualifies. i'm going to do some more checking though. thanks for letting me know. i'll have to try the tj's angel food cake next time i visit (since we don't have one down here). it sounds delish! :)