Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Merry Little Christmas (Dec. 19)

We celebrated Christmas as our own little family on December 19th, the morning after our get together with the Larsons and Bellitos. We were planning to fly to New Jersey to see Rob's family on the 23rd, and had already decided not to put the kids in their Sunday School classes that Sunday morning so as not to pick up any illness at the last minute. So we skipped church altogether and designated the morning as our own family Christmas.

After the long, fun day with friends the day before, Ellie slept in until after 8am. We finally decided to wake Robbie up at around 8:30am and start our Christmas celebration, but walked into his room to find that he had thrown up all over himself and his crib through the night and never cried out to us! I hate moments like this as a mom - I felt absolutely horrible for him, and although we had no way of knowing he was sick I somehow felt like a negligent mother.

We gave him a warm bath and as he perked up, he decided that he was up for opening presents. So we headed downstairs and had a very low-key Christmas, which ended up being really nice.

We only did a few gifts for the kids - one sort of bigger gift and a few little things on the side. Ellie's gift was a more grown-up dollhouse with lots of littler pieces to fill each room.

It has proven to be the perfect gift for her as she plays with it daily and is learning all about how to care for the babies. Yes, I am training her. ;)

Oh my! This picture kills me.

Sickie had picked out a few new GeoTrack trains that he wanted for Christmas, and knew they were under the tree waiting for him. He was still ecstatic to unwrap them and play with them all morning! We thought a V-Reader (electronic book reader) would be fun and challenging for him as well as provide endless entertainment during our travels to NJ, so that rounded out his Christmas gifts. He already knows which buttons to press to 'turn the page' and play various games on each book.

Enjoying a quiet reading of "I Love Trains" by daddy.

My attempt at a picture of the kids by the tree... I missed Ellie's monster face that matches Robbie's by mere seconds. It was awesome.

It was a merry little Christmas for the 4 of us and I just can't believe we are old enough to have these two little kids as our own, with another joining us next year. Surreal and wonderful!


MP said...

looks like alot of fun--a low key Christmas!! I am sorry your kiddos have been sick. Maybe it is to get it all out of their system when their new sibling arrives. Hope you had fun in NJ!

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

Hi cutie! So sorry to hear your babies weren't feeling well for Christmas. We had a very similar situation with Isla last week. Got the car totally packed to go up north, then got her up from her nap to lots of puke. So you are in your 3rd trimester! Wahoo for you. When do we get a belly pic? xoxo

kacey said...

Yay, hadn't seen about the Chicago Livingstons in awhile and then BAM a bunch of beautiful posts! Great pics and perspective :) On another note, got that prescription for Fal gal's poor booty and it worked like a gem, thanks for the advice!