Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First bite and more of our everyday life

Maddie's been furiously sucking on her hands, even when she's just been fed and isn't tired. I had agreed with our pediatrician to hold off on solids until just before her 6 month visit, since she has a sensitive system (milk allergy). But my mother's intuition has been nagging me to offer her Oatmeal.

So that is what we did last night (and then I prayed that I wouldn't be punished for jumping the gun by some random reaction in the form of a rash, etc.).

Baby girl was skeptical and her furrowed brow was working overtime at first, as well as her expression of distaste (which she borrows from me). After a few bites, she figured out how to swallow and even started lunging at the spoon with her face, grabbing on to the high chair tray for leverage! She slays me. It was successful, overall, and this morning's repeat performance was much the same.

Patiently waiting...

Please note the destruction below Robbie's chair. Dinner is sometimes a free for all when Daddy has to work late, as evidenced by this picture:

Nobody in this picture is fully clothed. But everyone is happy!

Breakfast with our trains on the deck in the early morning sunlight.

Happiest, most pleasant baby ever.

Quiet time

Everyone likes to participate in tummy time!

He is so quick to get down on her level and talk to her, show her a toy, or teach her new things. So precious.

Getting close to sitting!

A snuggle on mommy's lap

I know everyone thinks their baby is pretty, but seriously.
This one takes my breath away.

Everybody's here! But all she wants is a nap.

Clean plate club.


Lindsey said...

Yeah! She looks like she loved it. I need to follow your lead. Poor Claire has been lunging at my food and drinks for weeks now. I think she's ready, but I have been trying to wait until 6 months. Silly me!

By the way, I love her blanket. Where did you get it?

The Larsons said...

So many things to comment on...
1. officially breathless. M is just a beauty (as is E for the record.)
2. Kids without clothing... the new Larson household trend.
3. Jacques the peacock!
4. Do we have the same gratitude journal? If so, I heart.
5. How I wish we lived on the same street, too.

Dave, Ninny and Isla said...

Oatmeal...isn't it the greatest. I love the look of happiness on her face after she's eaten. I can't believe how big she is and how much BIGGER Ellie and Robbie look. Love all these sweet babies.