Monday, August 8, 2011

Ladies' choice: laugh, cry, or gag?

YOU GUYS. I just heard the words no mother wants to hear, from my little boy's lips down in the family room.

"Look, mommy! I'm cookin' my pee pee!"

Confused, I calmly approached my son who was balancing a little toy pot/saucer thing in his hands over the toy kitchen stove.

He was, in fact, cooking his pee pee. (A+ for honesty!)

So we are in the throes of potty training, seeing as how 3 year old preschool starts in a month and no diapers are allowed. Robbie is doing great, and obviously today he even snuck off to the little potty in the family room and used it without my knowledge. I could have done without what apparently came next - pouring the pee out of the toilet and into the toy saucer. (How? I don't know. Where? Not sure, can't find the wet spot on the carpet. Maybe he's got really good motor skills and didn't spill?)

Ellie, Robbie's ever-present shadow, has come to appreciate time on the potty as well. She is totally not ready but I humor her and encourage her participation.

Motherhood is giving me a run for my money right now. In between these incredibly precious, wonderful moments with our growing family there are spaces where I feel like I most certainly will lose my mind.

"Look, mommy! I'm cookin' my pee pee!"

Look honey - I haven't cooked a full, balanced meal in weeks for our family because oh. my. goodness. there is enough 'cooking' going on in this house to keep me busy for the time being.


rachel said...

ha! you win! i've never, ever, ever heard that one before!
you're amazing, ashley... :o)

The Larsons said...


yeamansfamily said...

i choose LAUGH for sure!! LOL...

Jennifer said...

hilarious!!! :)