Saturday, August 13, 2011

These are the ways that I love You

I get down on my hands and knees and wipe the crumb-laiden, sticky floor three times a day.
Thankful that we have food to eat and a clean floor to catch our excess as it falls.

I gently wipe dirty bummies and keep a fresh supply of clean diapers on hand.
Thankful for bodies and organs that are healthy, doing what they should.

I encourage little ones when they learn a new skill, develop a greater sensitivity, or show extraordinary love towards another.
Thankful to be the one observing their growth and choosing what gets positive reinforcement.

I confess my sin out loud. I try to remember to ask for forgiveness when I wound even the least of these.
Thankful for grace that covers all, and Your Spirit that prompts self examination.

I am learning to offer myself grace in the same way You do when I fall short of what I wish I could accomplish.
Thankful for growth.

I look for opportunities to offer kindness and empathy to others.
Thankful that struggles can be used in many ways to benefit others.

I whisper my fears and hopes to You, knowing they are all safe there.
Thankful that You are always listening.

I seek help when I know that I need it, instead of trying to be all things.
Thankful for humility.

I look for Your movement in my day.
Thankful that You are alive and active even when I doubt.

I do my best to trust in Your promises.
Thankful that they were even given to me to begin with.

I try to remember to place my children back into Your hands every morning.
Thankful for each moment I have with them, and thankful that You know everything about them and love them more than even I do.

I keep a list of things I am thankful for, all of which point directly back to You.
Thankful for a new mindset.

I try to find time each day to be quietly devoted to You, through prayer and Bible study.
Thankful that You wait for me, meet with me, and accept my meager offerings, and in exchange breathe life into me.

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