Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The sweetness of giving

My Aunt Sherry and her girls (Courtney and Caroline) brought my kids the cutest milk cups the last time they were here. Apparently when the girls were little they had these and loved them. Robbie and Ellie were so excited to use them for the first time, and I completely forgot that I had taken these pictures until I happened to see them today. (Funny story, they gave them to the kids while we were eating lunch together at Chick-Fil-A. Appropriate, no!?)

You put chocolate or strawberry mix in the bottom, fill it up with milk, and press the button on the handle. The milk mixes up so well that it gets frothy and thick.

The verdict?

YUM. The kids were so mad at me when they had finished their (enormous) cups of milk, as if I had skimped on the portions, and begged for more. They would have made themselves sick on frothy milk if I had let them!

Thanks for our awesome cups, Aunt Sherry and Cousins Courtney and Caroline!


I am so lucky to have a mom who knows how to sew. She used to make all of our halloween costumes, hem or alter our clothes growing up, and even made a lot of her own clothes when she was younger, namely her own maternity clothing!

She's amazing.

Throughout my pregnancy with Madeline, I was sort of obsessed with finding the perfect baby quilt for her room. Being the third child and second girl, there wasn't much that we needed for her. But that doesn't mean a momma doesn't want to feather her nest and have a special space with things chosen especially for the little one on the way. I searched Etsy and baby boutiques, and couldn't find anything that matched what I wanted (unless I wanted to shell out for a custom quilt - which I did not!).

And then my mom offered to make a quilt just for Maddie, to match her newly painted nursery. Along the way, my sister had foot surgery and was laid up for a while and she did a lot of the work alongside my mom as well.

And that is the story behind this quilt! I ordered all the fabric from Amy Butler and picked out a pink minky fabric from JoAnn's to soften the overall texture, and my mom and sister did the rest. When they had finished it and gave it to us after Madeline was born, I wanted to cry. It's beautiful and unique and I hope Madeline treasures it forever. I know I will.

Thanks again, Mom and Kelsey, for the sweetest baby gift ever.

Can you tell one of my love languages is 'gifts'? A thoughtful gift or labor of love means so much to me!


yeamansfamily said...

oh my gosh! i'm dying on those milk cups!!!sounds like a long shot, but do you know where your cousin got them? my younger brother is on the ladder at chick-fil-a and i'd looove to get those for his kids!

yeamansfamily said...

i meant aunt. :)

Jennifer said...

how fun are those cups?!! i didn't realize they're like mini-blenders. that's so awesome!

the quilt is beautiful! i thought so when you originally posted the picture. knowing that your mom and kelsey made it makes it even more beautiful! that was SO sweet of them! amy butler fabrics are so pretty. check out lotta jansdotter (www.jansdotter.com), too. she's got a line of fabrics coming out soon -- i think you'd like them.