Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Every day, something new - part 2

Today Robbie learned a new trick - swiveling his head from left to right.  We were at lunch with my parents, and my dad was playing with Robbie while he was in his car seat, saying 'No, no, no!' to him in a lighthearted voice and shaking his head from left to right.  All of the sudden, Robbie starts to mimic him!  Swiveling his head back and forth.  He had never done that movement before, so I nearly fell off my chair.  What a big day, to learn a new movement and to also mimic / repeat it on command!

These babies are smart little suckers.  :)  

Also, he went on 2  more shopping cart rides - at Babies R Us and at Target.  He's a champ at staying upright now in the kid part of the cart, except for the Target errand, which must have fallen smack in the middle of his nap time.  He ended up leaning over to the side, resting his head on the side of the cart, falling asleep while I was checking out!  So funny.

Before the day was over, I took Robbie to nearby Seven Gables Park as a part of my tour of Wheaton's parks before winter sets in.  It was his second park (the first was our neighborhood Briarknoll park) and second time on a swing.  Although he seems to like it, it elicits no visible outward response of joy!  Most of the pictures are of him hanging over the side of the swing with a look on his face that says "Call DCFS if you love me".  Here are my 2 favorites.

Double hood - mommy really doesn't want me to get sick.

One day I will be big enough to play on that awesome playground in the background!

Thanks to all of my mommy friends who encouraged me to keep both the winter jacket and the one-piece winter suit for him, when I was trying to decide which one I'd use more.  Obviously, we're breaking in the one-piece already!


Christine said...

Wow Robbie is WAY too cute... and I love all the pictures with your new camera! I especially love the picture with the playground in the background... don't know why, he just looks so adorable!!

Kelsey said...

I can just picture Dad talking to Robbie and watching him precious :) I miss you guys already! Thanks again for such a fun weekend. I could spend forever watching Robbie change and interact as he gets bigger and his personality comes out! You guys have one sweet baby on your hands.

Love you!