Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not pull an all-nighter last night after waking up to Robbie's cries at 11:30pm.  Not me, I can sleep anytime, anywhere.

It would certainly be unlike me to go to Whole Foods in search of soup for dinner yesterday in fleece PJ pants and a fuzzy zip up sweatshirt, and house slippers.  I always leave the house looking put together and fashion forward. 

I would never dream of pulling Robbie into bed with me at 5:30am most mornings so that I can get more sleep, because he always sleeps in an extra 2-3 hours when he's snuggled up next to me.  No, I get up at the crack of dawn with him and start our day with energy!

I did not eat 4 pieces of broiled garlic butter baguette last night.  I am a delicate flower, and eat like a bird.

How about you?!

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raymond said...

Well, I don't really see why I need to write about stuff that I would never even do in the first place, but, oh well, here it goes! :) ...

I would never scrap turkey with vegetables and rice off my arm with a baby spoon and feed it to Tyler after he had just hit the spoon out of my hand with elation and baby food had gone flying everywhere. Mealtimes at my house would never be so crazy and messy.

I certainly wouldn't bribe Ty with a Cherrio just so I could reduce the histeria that occurs when trying to wipe the baby food off of his face.

That's our Monday so far!!! :)