Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 7 month birthday, Robbie!

Robbie turned 7 months old yesterday - and every day he feels more and more like a little boy to us.  He continues to be our sweet, content, happy little guy. This past weekend he was just as charming as ever on his dedication day, even though he had gotten 3 hours less sleep the night before, and had also gone all day without a real nap.  Today he got his second round of the flu vaccine, and he barely cried!  I know I'm in for it with our next baby, because this child is just too good.

His new entertaining activities include:

- eating a wider variety of fruits and veggies including avocado, cauliflower, and blueberries, and even had his first taste of ice cream, thanks to grandma Pat!
- standing, standing, standing.  Not sitting, not laying down...  standing.  Got it?  If you don't, he will be sure to tell you the next time you try to hold him on your lap!
- finally rolling from belly to back
- working hard to get into crawling position, although he gets stuck after he tucks his knees under himself and gets up on his hands.  Not sure what to do next!
- jabbering all day long
- singing!  This is new in the last few days.  I had music on while I was cooking dinner the other night, and he started singing in his high chair to the music!  It was hilarious.  He has never done this before, and it's great because he chooses the highest note he can hit and just belts it out.
- he follows the dog (Bandit) around my parents' house with his eyes, and gets excited when he comes close.  We have to keep Bandit out of reach though, since last time Robbie managed to grab a fistful of black dog hair.
- he continues to blow raspberries to get our attention, and then smiles when we acknowledge him.  He's also a huge flirt when we're out in public with ANY blonde woman he sees.  Isn't it funny what babies get used to and comfortable with?

And with that, I will leave you with his 7 month pictures!

Before dinner tonight I took Robbie to the park in our neighborhood - he was getting restless as he usually does just before Rob comes home from work.  I bundled him up in his little bear outfit (which brings me so much joy!) and he got to swing in the baby swing for the first time.  I couldn't capture it on my own but he had a blast (I was trying to keep one hand up near the swing and take pictures too).  We will definitely be going back!

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