Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Every day, something new

Today Robbie went for his first ride in a shopping cart - sans his car seat!  He sat in the little kid part all by himself, protected from all the gross public germs by his shopping cart seat cover thingy.  Aside from the occasional lean to the left or right as I rounded the corner of an aisle, he did great.  In fact, I think he LOVED it.  He was taking everything in from his new vantage point and made eyes at all the lovely ladies he saw.  

He has also learned how to sniff without cause: in-out-in-out, in rapid succession.  So now while I'm feeding him, if I don't get the next bite in his mouth quick enough, he starts the rapid-sniff with his mouth wide open.  I almost dropped the spoon laughing today when he did this for the first time.  I will try desperately to get video of it, since I know how to get them on the blog now!  

Life with a baby... never dull, and always full of joy.  We are so blessed!

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