Thursday, October 30, 2008

Robbie is still sick, although his cough is starting to sound a little better instead of worse.  So hopefully we're on the upswing!  This morning Robbie woke up with some pretty sweet bed head.  This picture doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea.  You can tell he's mortified that I'm taking his picture because he knows I post everything on our blog.

Mom you are so embarrassing!

This is yesterday morning's breakfast.  He ate it all, but it was a disaster.  So I totally gave in and let him explore his bowl, spoon, and remnants of yogurt since he was messy already.

He always tries to grab for the bowl (and is successful during the meals that I am not 100% focused and paying attention, often sloshing baby food across the tray).  You can imagine how proud he was that he could grab the bowl, AND the spoon!  He's really into taking things on his tray and holding them out to the side of the high chair (at home and out at restaurants).  Sometimes he drops them on the floor, but usually he just lets them dangle and watches them!  It's pretty funny.  (Hey, we don't get out much anymore.)

Check it out, I know what to do with my spoon!   You people give me no credit.  (Looks like I might have to start letting him try to figure out how to use a spoon... grrrreaaaaaaaaat.)

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