Monday, October 27, 2008

Play group and "the GGGGGG-men!"

Last week Robbie went to play group for the first time!  Jack Roth was the host, and as you can see he was friendly as can be to Robbie.

These two guys have always gotten along well!

Jack, his pretty mom Kris, and his baby sister Annie (don't you just want to eat her up?!)

Then on Sunday, the Giants were on and Robbie wasn't feeling well.  So the boys put on their jerseys and rested on the couch together.  

Son, this is a football.  (I just love this picture!!)

So cute in their matching jerseys! 

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raymond said...

Oh my gosh! These pictures are SO cute! Kris looks great and her kids are SO cute!!! Please say hello to her for me! Rob and Robbie look absolutely adorable in their jerseys -- oh, wait, they're guys -- they look like super cool football dudes! :) That picture of them looking at each other is DEFINITELY a keeper!!!