Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For the blog book

...because pictures in the header don't transfer when I make my blog into a published book,
and this one simply cannot be forgotten!

It's been a long week.
Yes, I realize it's Tuesday night.
I hope to have some cute pictures of the fun that will inevitably be had this week.
For now, we are focusing on discipline.
And no one wants to read about that on a blog.

But I will say, I am learning a lot first hand about living by the Spirit (grateful for Beth Moore's bible study, amazing and well-timed! I am prepared...) as Rob and I parent. I am learning that Robbie's behavior is affected by my expectation of his behavior. And I am so grateful that God doesn't give us these precious children, ask us to parent them, and then walk away from us. I think this task is incredibly important to Him, and I sense His presence as we seek to raise our children the way He has asked us to. I have a renewed sense of gratitude for our copies of Scripture that clearly guide us in our parenting. What in the world would we be doing if we were making this all up on our own, without any Authority to guide us?! ::shudder:: Thank you, Lord, for giving us your Word and your Spirit to live by.


Ben and Erin said...

Beautiful pictures of your little love. Those eyes are gorgeous! I just finished making my blog (2007-2009) into many books...6 I think will have been delivered by the end of the week. :) I'm going to wait and open them on Mother's Day, but I'm really excited to see how they turned out. Who do you use to print yours? Have a great week!

designHER Momma said...

Discipline - I would love to hear about it on the blog. It's real life - life right now. You know I blog about it all and would love for you to as well.