Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday's images

Yesterday Riley came over for a sidewalk chalk and trains playdate. So fun!

Is there anything better than a good friend to play trains with?

Such a {beautiful} serious face!
Don't you love how tiny those shoulders are?

Practicing her new trick - squinting!
{Future artist in the making?...}

And the reason for posting today...

Ellie develops an appetite for snacking! And it is ferocious.

I think you can click on the collage below to make it larger on your screen... I couldn't narrow down the number of pictures any more than this! Look for the image that shows our sweet girl jamming 4 crunchies in her mouth at the same time. She does not lack enthusiasm.


Jennifer said...

SO funny! And, of course, absolutely adorable!

The Larsons said...

Ok, so I adore Ellie's "squinty" look... my new affectionate nickname for her might be Squints. That picture was both precious and priceless. And, I love a girl who loves to snack. Have I mentioned how cute those green pjs are? They are my fav outfit of hers to date.

love ya,

Lindy said...

Hey Ashley! Adorable pictures. I just love them! I have a many teeth does Ellie have? Britt is still not eating anything but baby food, try as I may. Someone told me it may be because she doesn't have many teeth yet (just the bottom two...). She spits out any table food I give her. Any suggestions?