Saturday, April 24, 2010

She comes alive on the weekends!

I kid you not, every weekend Ellie does something new! I think she holds out on me during the week until Daddy is home on the weekends. :)

This weekend? Pulling up. I found her in her crib like this after one of her naps...

She was very pleased with herself.

I have since raised the side bar on her crib (as in immediately after snapping these shots off).

She showed off her new strength this afternoon by pulling up on her activity table to her knees.

Look out, world! Ellie's on the move!


Lindsey said...

Yeah, Ellie! The world just got a lot bigger! Hope she's still having fun learning to pull up!

Nicki said...

LOL! What a strong girl! Now the fun begins... just think of all the MISCHIEF!