Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Hmm... Spring break looks very different than it used to!  We have traded our beach blankets for sidewalk chalk, our airline tickets for Children's Museums, and fruity drinks with mini umbrellas for sippy cups.  

This is not me complaining.  :)  I would make the trade any day for these sweet little ones!  I'm sure someday we'll get back to the beach when the kids are older and the thought of traveling with them (and sleeping in a hotel room together!) sounds fun.  For now, we make our own fun close to home.

What was special this year was the fact that Aunt Kelsey spent HER spring break with us.  It's been a great 10 days and we were really sad to send her back to Taylor this afternoon.

While she was here, we took Robbie over to 2 Toots to use his birthday coupon.  My mom came with us, as neither of them had ever been there.  (It is possible to be both overwhelmed AND underwhelmed at the same time, by the way.  Ha!)

Devouring his birthday cupcake, just after the whole joint rocked out to 'Happy Birthday' in his honor.  He was especially thrilled that the cupcake was delivered on the train WITH A CANDLE THAT WAS LIT!

Ellie and Kelsey bonded (again) this week.  Many times I would find Ellie just staring at Kelsey until she noticed her, and then would smile or get excited that Kelsey looked in her direction.  She practically leapt out of my arms when I would offer her to her Aunt, and she gave Kels a few of those clingy hugs that are usually reserved for Mommy and Daddy.  

I can already see nail spas, shopping trips together, and long talks about boys in their future!

"You can go now, Mom!"

Two of the sweetest girls on the planet.

Robbie continues in his affection for Aunt Kelsey as well.  They tend to be something like partners in crime!  I asked Robbie to turn around for a picture with Kels and say 'cheese'... which ended up being confusing since he was eating it as well.

And he's back to thinking it's funny to squish his eyes shut right before I take his picture.  My little (Easter) ham.

"Robbie, keep your eyes open!  Like THIS..."

Eskimo kisses for Auntie

Best buds

Today before she left to drive back to school, Kels came over to hang out with us for a few more hours.  It was beautiful outside so as Ellie finished her nap, the 3 of us played in the driveway with this season's first box of sidewalk chalk!

And we rode bikes, intermittently...

Then back to drawing trains, airplanes and any other large, loud moving object.

Handsome.  Trouble.  So big.  And the paci is getting ridiculous.

What would a blog post be without a few pictures of Ellie's adorable bedhead?
This girl has more ways of sucking on her lips and contorting her mouth...!  The teething process really annoys her, and I think she is constantly feeling those new teeth with her tongue and lips.

Because I know you need a good laugh... we tried to get a picture of me with both kids.

I will get a good one some day.

We love you Aunt Kelsey - thanks for spending so much time loving on Robbie and Ellie!  We can't wait for you to come back home again this summer!!


Jennifer said...

Oh, wow! What fun! Those kiddos are SO blessed to have such a WONDERFUL Aunt! I'm SO glad you all got to spend so much time together. LOVE ALL the pictures!

Parker said...

so cute. glad you had fun with your sister! I love Ellie's little leggings and Robbie's " I love Cheerios" shirt. Too cute :)

Kels said...

Ash, I miss you guys already! For the record, I would much rather be playing with sidewalk chalk on the driveway right now (darn school...)

The last picture cracks me up too! Robbie thinks it's hilarious that he's squirming out of your arms, and I can only imagine what Ellie is thinking... she still melts my heart.

Thank you for sharing your sweet family with me; it was so good to spend some time with you guys. Love you so much :)