Thursday, April 22, 2010


I miss those 2 tiny curls.


Robbie went a little over 24 hours paci-free, including his nap yesterday AND bedtime/overnight last night! He just spent the last hour trying to get himself to sleep for his nap (failing miserably) so I relented and instituted the paci-in-bed-only rule, until we can get him a little more comfortable with the idea. I felt so badly for him when his lip quivered and tears welled up in his eyes after putting him back in bed for the 3rd time, and he weakly begged for "Paci?". I leave the 3 pacis that we have left in his dresser drawer, as all others have been lost. It helps keep me from giving them to him during the day - there are simply none to give! I didn't realize I'd have to cut myself off of them, too. They are so soothing to him, if he acts out in a store or falls and is sad at a playground, a paci is all he needs to make his little world right again.

And because I don't want to fool you into thinking we are living a wild and crazy life over here (haha), I also celebrated the fact that today at lunch all 3 of us ate the same thing! Macaroni and fruit. I forgot how easy it was to just make one meal. In the last few months I have been making 3 at every mealtime!


Chrissy said...

I just found your blog and it seems that this post was there to encourage me/make me laugh. Literally as I pulled it up, our 2 year old, Malia is screaming through the monitor, "My pacifier, I want my pacifier". We instituted the pacifier in bed rule months ago and now I have to get the guts up to take it away altogether. Amen about weaning ourselves off of it - I am too chicken to take it away because I don't want to loose sleep!

Oh yeah and the funny part about her screaming that she wanted her pacifier is that it was in her bed with her, just underneath her blanket. Gives me a glimpse of the fun we will have when we actually do put her down without it.

Good luck!

Heather Green said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't get to see curl-less Ellie! Ahhh! How sad... I mean, I understand, but they were so sweet. I just have to grieve for a little while. ;)

the deKorne family said...

we have been paci only in bed since ava was 18 months. i took it away from kaiya at 4 months. MUCH easier! i'm planning to take ava and reese's away at the same time. :)

Nicki said...

Yeah, I agree, might as well let him have his paci at bedtime only. I know people will probably frown at this, but Pufferfish (who is almost 3) is allowed to have a bottle at bedtime still. She drinks from cups during the day, but at bedtime it is so much harder, because they are so sleepy and vulnerable!