Monday, November 14, 2011

Embracing the day

It's 1pm. I am still in my long johns. We have done nothing productive and everything awesome for a Monday morning. 7:30am: drive through the arboretum with Auntie Cheryl, 2 lattes and a box of munchkins for my munchkins. 9am: peruse Christmas catalogues for gift ideas. (How is he old enough to do this?)

10am-12:30pm: pull out and play with every toy in the living room. Snack on pears and leftover pizza. Move upstairs to make forts in mommy's bed while Maddie naps. Play with the flashlight in daddy's closet and in the dark bathroom. Pretend to be on a train between stacks of pillows.

At exactly 12noon: snap this picture of my three favorite people. Thank the Lord for a growing ability to be present in the moment, so that I don't miss the ones like this.

Pretty amazing way to start another week. Happy Monday!

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