Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A simple revelation

As I read back through my last few blog posts, I am taken aback.

I posted on Wednesday about Nancy Guthrie's article about moving through the holidays with grief close at hand (thinking about several dear friends who have experienced deep grief recently), not realizing the grief that would envelop my own family through the death of my sweet grandmother. We had not even a hint that she would pass when she did, especially not last Wednesday.

And yet, Someone knows all about what's coming. Every one of our days is known by Him. Sometimes I forget - and then I see little provisions along the way that remind me that Someone is paying attention to my little life, the things that have passed and the things that have yet to pass, and in a way that only He can, He weaves himself through my past, present and future all at the same time. And for a minute I try to understand that God is not limited by time - that He sees ALL all at once. No surprises, no regrets, nothing lost.

What a privilege to bow my knee to this Savior, a Father who loves me without end, who holds my little world and this great big world that we share all in His strong, gentle hands.

What joy it is to sacrifice praise to Him even as we sow in tears.

What undeserved blessing it is to draw closer to Him because He has left me His Word, His Spirit, and more promises than I can count or recall so that I can know His heart even when I can't understand all of His ways.

Praise God. The advent season that starts tomorrow has new meaning for us this year. Come Lord Jesus.

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Issakainen said...

I am a little behind on blog readings. So sorry about your Grandmother. I always loved seeing the pictures of her that you posted with your kids. Her love for them just shines through the pictures. It reminds me of my kids with their great grandmothers. Such a gift. Praying for you family in this time!