Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sparkly fall memories

A few weeks ago sweet Aunt Kelsey showed up one Friday afternoon (Oct. 14th to be exact) with pumpkins and a bag full of craft supplies for the kids (and a Starbucks for me!). It was a beautiful fall day - the leaves were falling so fast off the trees that I remember thinking it felt like being in the middle of a ticker tape parade. Gorgeous. Prime time for some festive crafts involving pumpkins, glitter, and other fun things that we had not yet acquired. This is why everyone needs an Aunt Kelsey!

Hauling the goodies in from her car.

A short demo, possibly? Or just opening the first jar of glitter!? Enraptured, either way.

Everyone gives their pumpkins a nice coat of glue first.

And then with some assistance, we covered the pumpkins with glitter!

The pumpkins were gorgeous. It was big fun.

Until, of course, it wasn't.
This picture is a favorite of mine, I look at every little detail when I'm feeling down and get a good laugh. Maddie in the background! Ellie! Robbie getting antsy! The complete mess! I love it all.

Beloved Aunt Kels with sweet Robbie
(who swung his arm around her for the picture - be still my heart!)

Ellie and Kelsey up to no good. Only Kelsey knows why this picture is funny, and it'll have to stay that way (sister code). ;)

We love you, Kelsey. Thanks again for making our Fall so much fun by daring to go where no one else would... pumpkins, glue and glitter!

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