Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maddie is 7 months old! (What's she like)

You are 7 months old. I'm really late in posting this, seeing as how in 14 days you will be 8 months old. Details.

You've been busy this month! I have to agree with your Mima that 6 months is the perfect age as far as babies go. Up until now, you've been pretty content. Suddenly, you want to try and hold your own bottle (no complaints). You refuse to completely recline while feeding. When I feed you solids, you're all "I WANT TO FEED MYSELF WITH THAT SPOON, LADY!" and we end up flipping food all over your face in our spoon-power-struggle. I promise I'll let you feed yourself one day.

I dressed you in my favorite outfit I put your sister in at this age, and it fits you perfectly. Your head is smaller than hers was, and so the little knit hat that goes with the outfit sags a little. You couldn't look more different from her as a baby, in my opinion.

Click HERE to see Ellie back in the day, rocking this number.

Since we don't go to the doctor for a well visit this month, I'm not sure what your stats currently are.

I do know that solids are making you constipated. You like a little diluted prune juice in your bottle, the first thing other than breastmilk or formula you've been given to drink. It does the trick and I don't feel like I'm punishing you. Win/win.

You've grown less picky about what solids I do feed you. You will always take a bottle, and drink a solid 8 oz every 3-4 hours. You always give me one really good trucker-burp and a little chaser if I'm patient. If you're not burped, you spit up, but that's rare.

You cut your bottom two teeth this month!

You learned how to sit up on your own!

You take a paci at bedtime, often spitting it out after falling asleep and not needing it again. You fall asleep clutching a soft muslin lovey with hot pink satin trim. I've started putting you in Halo sleep sacks now that it's colder at night (otherwise you wake up with ice-cold toes!). You hate them. I'm sorry.

You are still my easy little baby, just slightly more determined when you have something on your mind. Like sleep. Or a bottle. Or getting out from under a tight spot you've rolled into (literally). You always pull at your socks. Maybe you have 'hot feet' like your sister!?

A regular at the Maddie-photo-shoot.
The boy genuinely loves his baby sister.

You have taken to singing recently. If I start to sing you a song, you lock in on my face and hold very still, and a slow smile breaks out across your face. You often join in, with sweet little "aaaAAAAhhhh!"s and find your own melody. It's absolutely precious! I wish I had every hour in the day to devote to this new hobby. We sing together when we can, although you only do it when it's just you and me. All the sweeter.

You still love your exersaucer, preferring to gently nibble the sun's rays or take a swipe at the rolling pieces and then sit back and watch them spin. If you're in a good mood, you'll try to jump and bounce in it, rocking the entire unit back and forth and giving us high pitched shrieks and giggles! I should have invested in a jumparoo.

Another new favorite hobby is finding the satin tags on toys and blankets, gently lapping them up like a kitten with her milk, and sucking on them. It is adorable. I'm not sure that anything you do isn't adorable, but this one particularly melts me for some reason. You are so intent on sucking on these little tags, and it makes me smile when I pick up the house long after you've gone to bed and grab a handful of wetness as I scoop up your blankets or toys.

Little sucker.

Maddie you continue to bring laughter and peace and joy to our home. You are an absolute doll, I could eat you up (cheeks first) every day of my life.

Happy 7 month birthday (for the next 2 weeks at least!).
And please stop growing up so fast. You woke up from your nap as I was finishing this post, and you are currently smacking your hand on the keyboard as I type. Future blogger?

A girl after my own heart. ;)

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Becki said...

Maddie looks so familiar to me--is it because she looks so much like you, Ash? Is she looking like Robbie? Regardless, she is beautiful!